Vermont Beach Season is Here!

Don't Forget to Check Beach Safety Before You Go


Vermont's outdoors are heating up, which means that people and pets are getting ready to cool off in Lake Champlain's chilly water and many other refreshing lakes, ponds, and rivers.  Although Vermont's beaches are a great way to cool off and have fun with friends and family when the thermometers rise, we need to be cautious of the threats that danger our families and pets.  Beaches occasionally face threats, particularly after rain events during summer months.  These threats include algae blooms, E. coli breakouts, and viruses, which can lead to illness or worse.  You can keep up to date with which beaches are safe by checking the following websites before you go swimming:


        City of Burlington beaches: 


        Red Rocks Beach, South Burlington: 


        Town of Colchester beaches: 


        Town of Shelburne beach: Call (802) 985-9551


        Vermont State Parks: Call each park - 


        Town of St. Albans beach: Call (802) 524-1500


To take action against water pollution and help ensure that beaches stay open all summer long, visit


Have a fun and safe swimming season from Lake Champlain International.



Visit the LCI Forum here.         

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